Substitution Of Attorney

There are different situations in life, because of which you want or will be forced to change a counsel. The reason may not necessarily be the lack of qualification of an attorney or inconsistency with your demands, you may simply not agree on the characters.

But if the lawyer has already been hired and started to do business, and during the process you realized that this candidate is not suitable for you, the procedure for replacing the advocate will be more complicated than a simple refusal and disconnection.

Stages of replacing an advocate

Replacing a counsel will begin by filling out form MC-050. This form is easy to fill out and available on the Internet. Often, if you want to replace your representative in court, he can fill out this form for you. Your lawyer will remain your defense attorney until you submit a replacement form.

Further, your application is considered and asked clarifying questions like “Who was the previous representative?”, “Who is the current protector?” etc.

Any advocate you like can present you, but if you prefer to do this yourself, then you have every right to do so, even if you do not have a law degree. But your representative in the court of individuals without education may be yours alone, which means that you cannot ask a friend or relative to be your defense counsel in court if he is not an attorney.

It is important to carefully collect the three main signatures: yours, as a customer, the signature of the former and current advocate. If you are a representative of your case in court, then you must sign two times: as a client and as a defense attorney. After receiving all the necessary signatures, this application can be brought to court for confirmation.

As soon as the court receives this form, your lawyer will officially cease to be your representative.

It is significant to remember that if you want to change your advocate, but decide not to submit a form, even if you hire a new protector, then all the actions of the previous representative will be considered on your behalf, even if you do not. So, if you are determined to change your lawyer in court, we advise you to speak with your advocate and submit an application so that everything is official and without further difficulties.

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