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Rental housing is very common and very little understood; the two elements taken together constitute fertile ground for controversy. This leads to frequent conflicts between tenants and landlords. Since most people will be involved in a tenant-landlord relationship at some point or another, it is helpful to consider the rights and responsibilities of both parties to resolve the situation and determine the culprit.

When a tenant and landlord of a residential building is involved in a dispute, a residential real property advocate should take the case.

What should be done in the first place to solve the real property problem?

Before taking legal steps, it is important to be aware of your rights and responsibilities. Very often, the situation seems very simple at first glance. However, the reality is quite different: even the problem of late payments can get much complicated.

Before filing a lawsuit, you should send a formal notice as soon as possible to remind the opposing party that it is not fulfilling its obligations and that it must correct them. Failure to resolve the issue will subject her to prosecution and a court decision may be brought against her.

How can the help of a residential real property counsel be helpful?

A lawyer specialist will assist you in all of your property transactions regarding sales, rentals, neighborhood issues, insurance or mortgages.

An advocate specializing in real estate law must advise his clients, who may be individuals or companies. He must carry out important legal and research work in order to learn about the current standards at any time. Thus, the attorney guides his clients towards the decisions they must make about their property and about the contracts they can enter into. As such, he may be called upon to provide advice on asset management.

Also, a real estate lawyer helps his clients in case of a dispute, starting from the preliminary trial stage. He has a mission to represent and advocate for his clients to win their case.

In what situations should you seek the help of a real property advocate?

The use of an advocate specializing in real estate law is necessary when the owner discovers defects after purchasing a house or apartment. He will then be able to invoke the warranty against latent defects if he can prove that they existed at the time of the transfer of the property.

If done correctly, this approach can lead to damages in favor of the buyer or even cancellation of the sale. The property may also contain poor workmanship, the responsibility of which can be attributed to the company that built or performed the work in the dwelling.

A real property counsel is a key player in the resolution of eviction disputes. Very protective for the tenant, the rules governing this procedure must be absolutely followed. And this risks being subject to serious sanctions. Owners should seek advice to stay within their mandate. And tenants should beware of abusive eviction requests.

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Legal advice is the application of abstract principles of law to the concrete facts of the client’s case
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