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Litigation with a real estate agency

Selling real estate is very often a three-way deal. Indeed, they not only involve the seller and the buyer, but also involve the intervention of the realtor agency.

The realtor agency plays a key role in completing the sale, being accountable for bringing the two parties together to effectively close the deal.

Realtor attorney deals are one of the tasks of a realtor agent. This professional often plays the role of an intermediary between two or more parties. As far as transactions are concerned, they can be related to the purchase, sale, lease of a building or a business. In addition, they are also performed during the transfer of shares of a company (for example, a business or a building).

In addition, you should also know that the real estate attorney is required to advise on the price of the property being offered for sale or rent.
Typically, in accordance with the seller’s mandate, he is accountable for finding a buyer who is looking for a characteristic that the seller is offering at a price he has set or at an approaching price.

Thus, very often, thanks to the realtor agency, the seller and the buyer were able to establish contact and move on to the implementation stage by signing a sale and purchase agreement on the terms of suspension for obtaining a loan or obtaining a building permit.
In this case, various types of disputes may arise between the parties and the realtor agency.

First of all, it happens that between the sales contract and the re-act or after the re-act, the buyer realizes that a good sale object cannot be assigned to the destination that determined the decision. purchase (for example, for household use).

A dispute can then arise between the realtor advocate and the buyer when the realtor agent does not sufficiently inform the agent about the scheduling restrictions affecting the property, or has been tricked by an overly profitable advertisement.

Moreover, in another sense, a dispute with a realtor agency may arise when, after the ordering of the sales contract, the deal is ultimately not completed.

Legal assistance in realtor advocate

If this failure of the transaction occurs when the realtor attorney has discovered from his principal a buyer willing to acquire it in accordance with the terms of the mandate, and if the said failure is furthermore the result of the blameless ease of the principal who has changed his mind without good reason, a dispute may arise with the agency property that may wish to assume contractual obligations.

Whether you are a personal or a realtor agency, your lawyer works with you to help you:

  • For agencies, in drawing up your mandates, in interpreting their provisions and in their implementation;
  • For individuals, when reading documents, they are drawn up in a realtor agency.

In court, your advocate will assist you in resolving disputes between a realtor advocate or individual, as well as a real estate agency.

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