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Disputes between holders of competing rights

It happens that the relationship between landlords and people who rent deteriorates due to disagreements, misunderstandings or even non-compliance with certain clauses of the lease that unites them. Thus, real estate is the subject of numerous disputes between owners of competing rights.

Owners want to get paid unpaid rent, disagree with the trustee, or don’t accept joint ownership charges …

Tenants, in turn, may want to dispute the amounts requested by the owner, seek to recover their deposit, or demand a revision of the vacation or expulsion time frame.

However, our law firm intervenes to help you protect your interests in the context of these various rental disputes.

Drafting, revision or assignment of lease

As a preventative measure, you can consult with a legal support attorney during the development or renovation process in the form of a commercial lease. He can also help you with revising or re-evaluating your lease and granting lease rights.

Whether you are a landlord or tenant, do not hesitate to contact the attorneys of a law firm for all matters related to disputes over rent and real estate law in general.

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