Slip and FallPeople are very clumsy and inattentive, and because of this they often slip and fall. But this is not always the case, what if you did not fall because of your inattention or clumsiness? What if your fall and ultimately your trauma were due to the property owner knowing about the surface problem, but not how he did not solve it? In such a case, you have the right to file a claim in order to receive indemnification for your damage caused by the accident.

You don’t have to suffer, lose your job, or pay medical bills yourself just because the property owner is negligent. It shouldn’t be so! Sometimes the victim leaves everything as it is, without seeking reimbursement in court. But why do you have to go through a lot of problems and sufferings that appeared not even through your fault?

The cause of your accident could be anything, such as a broken rail, just a washed floor without a warning sign, broken steps, or any other factor or obstacle. If the owner knew about this problem and still did not act – he bears full responsibility for your mishap and is obliged to pay you full indemnification for all your pain and suffering.

To be sure of your victory and receive full reimbursement – we recommend that you hire a mishap advocate. This specialist in the legal field will adequately defend your interests, we use all our accumulated experience and knowledge in this area for this. What the advocate will do:

1. Collect all the necessary documentation in order to correctly compose your case. These documents will be all possible records, from your medical bill to your assurance policy.

2. The attorney and his team will conduct a thorough investigation. They will find every possible evidence of the owner’s negligence; they will find recordings from security cameras or video recorders, contact the police for recordings, and so on. Comprehensive work will be carried out to protect your interests correctly.

3. An advocate bullet to negotiate with the other party. Often, cases of this type are resolved without reaching the court, and this is largely the merit of an attorney. He tries to settle the conflict outside the walls of the court and find a common language with the culprit of your mishap. after which you will be paid the indemnification you deserve. In case of failure, the advocate will be ready, in full measure, with the entire list of documents and evidence, to present you in court in order to achieve justice there.

Some people do not want to spend money on an advocate and this is their mistake. Not everyone has the knowledge and skills to represent themselves in court. You need to understand that a lawyer hired by real estate can work against you. But unlike you, the lawyer has years of training and experience in litigation behind him. You may end up losing the case and failing to achieve the reimbursement that you rightfully heard. An accident lawyer will most often deduct a percentage of your indemnification. In this case, he will be just as interested, in the first place, to get offset paid to you. And secondly, to achieve indemnification as large as possible, which cannot but correct you.