Fall Injuries

Тrauma is defined as physical detriment that occurs when the human body is exposed to energy that exceeds a physiological tolerance threshold, or that results in a deficiency of one or more vital elements such as oxygen. Slips, stumbles, makes mistakes, loses balance – in other words falls from the blue.

These are work risks that are still seen as inevitable and harmless. Contrary to popular belief, they are one of the leading causes of workplace mishaps. These can have serious consequences, sometimes even serious consequences for the affected employees. We’re talking about places where it’s working now.

Falls are the second leading cause of accidental maims after traffic wrecks. The mechanism of “falls” in the trauma category covers many different types of events, including falls from stairs or steps; The stairs; exterior buildings; for holes; from one level to another, such as playgrounds, rocks or furniture, and will fall to a flat surface as a result of a slip, trip, or trip. It also covers sports traumas associated with falls due to slips, trips, or shoves and collisions caused by another person pushing or pushing.

Preventing falls and maims remains a major concern for the entire healthcare system. Involuntary falls are the most popular cause of non-fatal maims in people of retirement age. Fall traumas are the most common cause of fatal mishaps among the elderly.

The consequences of a fall are costly. Several factors have been considered as causes of falls and injuries; however, no final predictive profile has yet been established. While the underlying condition of a fall survivor may contribute to the fall and subsequent injury, the fall maim is the most overall cause of death and mortality.

Mortality from falls in hospital is relatively rare among young people and adults. Since falls are considered preventable, fatal fall-related traumas should never occur while a patient is being treated in a hospital.

In order to effectively deal with the case of the blues, it is important to change their representation in the company and introduce an appropriate prevention strategy.

This presupposes that the specific job function and work area are taken into account. A wide range of dangers can be seen in the obvious: cutting machines, hazardous materials, work in the mountains, and so on. lack of light, focus on a task other than moving, etc.)

In addition, the root cause of the case may seem harmless, and often the occurrence of an accident is the result of a combination of several factors from another source. Therefore, a preventive method can only be relied upon to identify only risk factors: it must include a global study of the working environment. Preventive measures should include measures in the workplace, floors, physical environment, work organization and employee awareness.

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