How much does an asylum attorney cost

The cost of immigration advocate services varies conditional on various factors. USCIS (Immigration and Citizenship Service) also contingents on the type of visa. You must understand exactly what you want. This can speed up the visa process.

The expenses of an immigration advocate

As already indicated, the final price of the services of attorneys contingents on the kind of visas and remunerations. The following are examples of prices for various types of visas, but more accurate figures can already be obtained directly in giving advises with advocates.

Advices were started with the very prices for the serv. of an immigration advocate. In order for him to pay for the services, he must pay a fixed fee for the entire act of cooperation. So, from 150 to 300 US dollars. The first 30-minute counsel will value $ 75-15. In some cases, a short consult may be free.

Work Visa

Applications for a work visa in the USA (H1 -1B) can spend you from about 1,190 to 1,525 US dollars. This process can hold from 15 to 150 days.

Tourist Visa

If you will be forced to pay about $ 400, with a five-day approval of the annex. If you extend your visa, a lawyer will cost you $ 400, and a USCIS commission of $ 370. The review time will be from 60 to 90 days.

Green Card

The cost of services for obtaining a green card varies from 790 to 2900 dollars. In general, the same initial $ 790. If we are talking about employee sponsorship, that is, the service of a lawyer of $ 2,000, as well as $ 700, submitted for contemplation by the USCIS, the review of which takes about two to three years.

US Citizenship

The services of a change of allegiance advocate in obtaining nationality can cost you $ 500. This price includes a completed appendix for naturalization. You will also need to pay $ 725 in the USCIS assembly. It usually takes 6 to 9 months to operation this type of annex.

Should I Hire an Immigration Advocate?

Looking at the above price tags, many may wonder. After all, the Internet has all the needful documents. Despite the high cost of migration advocate services, his help is definitely needed. The change of allegiance process remains summation, so the following are the main reasons for approaching the services of a migration advocate:

1. A high chance of success. This is without any guarantee that your application will be accepted. In the case of hiring advocates, he will monitor the correctness of the completed forms, as well as accompany you at every stage of this difficult path. This may be critical to the final result;

2. Compliance with all migration deadlines. Attorneys for migration issues, you can be calm, knowing that the lawyer assumes all responsibility for the fulfillment of all established deadlines. An advocate can speed up the whole process.

3. Experience. Hiring a migration advocate – you do not have a specialist who has had years of training in this specialty. Such experts are habitual with different kinds.

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