How do i stop my attorney from withdrawing from my case

Often, a situation occurs when the advocate refuses the case and completely stops cooperation with clients. Very often this does not happen at the most convenient moment for you, sometimes even right before a court session.

The reasons for the refusal of the attorney from the case

To understand how to act in such situations, the client must know the possible reasons for the advocate’s refusal to cooperate:

1. Refusal of a lawyer due to illegal, morally abhorrent and fraudulent actions of a client. This reason may serve as an attorney’s departure if the customer insists on any criminal acts contrary to the opinion of the attorney. Also, the cause may be the actions of the customer, which are morally unacceptable to the lawyer. This reason exists to enable the lawyer to comply primarily with the law and moral principles of society;

2. Non-payment of the legal bill by the client. This reason is one of the most common. The lawyer has the right to refuse the case if his work was not paid by the client. It must be taken into account that before the refusal, the lawyer must make a final warning about non-payment of debts and enable the client to pay the debt;

These two reasons are significant in order for a lawyer to have the right to refuse to work with a client. But the refusal process itself is only just beginning

Litigation to refuse a lawyer from a client

You need to grasp that the refusal of a defender from a customer is not such a simple operation, especially when the customer’s case is in trial and a meeting date is set.

In the event of a refusal, the protector must inform the person and the trial in advance, after which the tribunal must approve the solution of the solicitor on the refusal. In trial, the protector must explain the reason for his resolution, but not disclosing the confidential info of the sufferer, referring to vocational approvals.

Only if the trial does not have sufficient reasons and info, the advocate can disclose some of the private data, but only that small part, which is necessary at the query of the counsel. This happens very rarely, often enough words about professional considerations for the court.

The trial may reject the advocate’s demand for termination of cooperation with the customer and force him to present the client in trial until the end of court proceedings.

Ways to solve the problem

Of course, the refusal of a lawyer from your case, most often comes as a surprise to you. And at the same time, many people start to panic and this is their main mistake. You should set up a meeting with this attorney and fully discuss the reasons and essence of the refusal to cooperate. Often such a measure allows the customer and the counsel to agree and continue cooperation in litigation.

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You should be completely open to a counsel from the very beginning of your cooperation. That is what can best defend you from a lawyer’s refusal to work on your case, often at the most inopportune moment for you. With complete information about your case, an advocate can build the right strategy to guard your interests in court.

It is the case data that show how important it is to hire a truly vocational in legal matters. A vocational in his field will always remember his obligations to the client and will do everything to bring the matter to the end. Even in the event of a refusal, a qualified lawyer will warn you in advance of your decision, and even more so will not disclose your privy information in time for a petition in court.

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