The Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia E.W. Jackson announced yesterday that he supports a proposal called the Farm Freedom act, that is being proposed by Brenda Pogge who represents Virginia’s 96th house of delegates district.

The proposal that would allow farmers to bypass the governments regulations.

“A farmer should be able to do as he wishes his with his own land,” said E.W. Jackson at a fundraiser at JMU yesterday.

It is something that grabbed the attention of one farmer.

“I like the idea that he is even considering agriculture and realizes the importance of agriculture,” said Stephen Saufley, who is a farmer in Rockingham County.

What he doesn’t like is part of Jackson’s proposal to allow farmers to sell anything they want.

“The concerns that I would have is food safety,” said Saufley.

Jackson’s belief is that there are too many restrictions on farmers, from the meats to the dairy products they sell.

“Over the years, we have been regulated more than we need to be,” said Saufely.

“You know citizens aren’t stupid, if a person thinks they want raw milk from their local farmer then let them have it,” said E.W. Jackson in a phone interview.

One thing Saufley does disagree with Jackson on is that meats need regulation.

“And milk, those type of things, because I think it’s much easier for the meats and those type things to not be properly prepared,” said Saufely.

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