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Working as an attorney in the field of show business and entertainment is a rare opportunity that is not provided to everyone. In addition to excellent skills in their specialization, attorneys who are working with stellar clients should have iron nerves and, most importantly, be reliable keepers of secrets.

Entertainment law is a well-developed branch of jurisprudence in the United States of America. It includes elements of contract law, labor, intellectual property rights, etc. In general, this area is designed to regulate the relationship between workers in the entertainment sector.

Entertainment attorneys provide legal help for artists, employees, companies and individuals involved in all areas of the entertainment industry, including film, radio, television, music, publishing, theater and digital or multimedia entertainment like video games. From one hand it may seem like a very exciting and entertaining job, but the truth is opposite.

Entertainment attorney – good attorneys succeed

At first glance, the fascinating profession of an entertainment attorney actually hides a lot of pitfalls. Every day they deal with cyber attacks, annoying paparazzi, and also know how to force an attacker to answer for crimes related to the publication of personal photos or videos. Usually, all disputes related to the invasion of the personal lives of celebrities are resolved through negotiations.

Often already at this stage, good attorneys succeed. But if the case involves serious damage or associates with a crime, it goes to the court, which is characterized by maximum objectivity. It doesn’t matter who is in the dock, who is harmed – decisions are made without regard to how much society loves the celebrity.

An important feature of an entertainment attorney is charisma. After all, juries and judges make decisions under the influence of the arguments of a human rights activist. Since court cases involving public figures are being discussed by the whole world, the trial is developing according to the most stringent rules.

And only a charismatic, smart attorney can mitigate the harsh society and the assessors. In reality, there are not so many “celebrity attorneys”, so it immediately becomes clear who has great professionalism.

Duties of entertainment attorneys

The main duties of entertainment attorneys include: drafting contracts for the client, viewing contracts from managers, publicists, record companies, film studios, and others to make sure that they are legal and fair to the client; maintaining relations with studios or record companies, an attorney should always be aware of who is influential and what transactions are made in the industry.

Having strong contacts can help the attorney quickly make a deal, and knowing what is offered elsewhere can help to get the best deal for the client.

Entertainment attorneys help new to the industry

Entertainment attorneys also help novice young clients new to the industry to understand how a business works, including what types of contracts to choose, how to identify pitfalls in commercial transactions, what execution rights they have, and where to find a manager, agent, accountant or other business contacts.

Attorneys also work with recognized artists and act as their general consultants, assisting in marketing and merchandising transactions, as well as in real estate transactions and tax matters. A very important point in the work of entertainment attorneys is copyright, so they help artists obtain rights to use music written by other artists following the laws.

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