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One consider driving car under the influence of alcohol, which is quite justified, one of the gravest crimes provided for in the rules of the road. A person who drives a car while intoxicated, or under the influence of dangerous drugs constitutes a serious danger both for driver, for those who travel with him or her in the vehicle, and for other road users pedestrians, people moving in other vehicles).

Drunk drivers are a direct danger and threat to the life of any road user.

However, it also happens that a person is undeservedly accused of drunk driving. Conviction or even the charge of DUI can have the most tragic consequences for a person’s life and career. Fortunately, not always arrest automatically leads to a conviction.

DUI attorney in Jackson, Mississippi will defend your rights and put the maximum effort and experience to provide the best result in your situation.

Suspect of drunk driving

If you have been arrested and one suspect you of drunk driving, there are several steps you can take to protect your rights. It is very likely that the officer who stopped you will continue to closely monitor your habits, including the way you drive and park and your actions, so if you behave rudely or hostilely, the chance of arrest increases.

If a policeman asks you to get out of the car, you must obey. If you do not, you may be accused of resisting arrest.

You must give your name, show your license and registration to the officer, however, do not discuss details of where you have been, if you drank or how much you drank. The excitement can play against you. therefore, it is best to ask for your DUI attorney to be present. You can also opt-out of roadside breathalyzer testing. Jackson City attorneys advise you to have blood or chemical tests that you must get at the police station.

Jackson’s DUI attorney near you

Jackson’s DUI attorney will stand by your side to defend your rights and fight for your freedom. Your DUI attorney can look through all the details of your case to determine if proper arrest protocol was followed, chemical tests were performed, and you were detained.

If a mistake is found, your attorney will be able to make every effort to have some of the evidence removed from your case. The attorney can also negotiate a plea bargain.

If the agreement satisfies you, your attorney will actively negotiate with the prosecution to minimize the fines imposed on you. If your case goes to trial, your attorney will look for inconsistencies in the prosecution case to make the jury doubt.

An accusation of drunk driving can negatively affect your regular life for many years after a criminal case is over. Working with the best DUI attorney in Jackson is your best chance to protect your future.

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