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If a dog bite occurs in a public place or legally in private property, including the property of the dog owner, the dog owner will be held liable for any injury. Dog bites are emotionally and physically devastating trauma and always require medical attention.

Some state laws require that dogs that bite someone must be quarantined for ten days. This period of time is necessary so that the animal does not tolerate rabies. During this time, the dog is usually allowed to remain in the owner’s property. Once it is established that the dog is healthy, it will be returned to the care of the owner.

Dogs that have bitten humans are usually not euthanized. Euthanasia is legal only if the dog has attacked and bit people several times, and if a dog trained to attack or kill has bitten and the bite has caused serious physical injury.

Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

Unfortunately, cases of human dog bites are becoming more frequent. In our time, more and more make themselves four-legged friends, this trend is relevant not only for the United States, but for the whole world.

A dog bite is not always a small wound that will heal in a week, very often these incidents with bites can lead to serious consequences, such as great pain and suffering, and even death. When starting a dog, its owner assumes a number of responsibilities for his pet, if this dog takes any action that harms another human.

The first step before filing a claim for compensation after a dog attack is what category your bite case belongs to, since there are several types of claims and this determines which claim you need to receive indemnification.

And so the first type is aggressive incidents. These are the cases that appear in the minds of people when they say about a dog attack. It is in such cases that the dog breaks down and bites a person. These cases depend on the breed of the dog itself showing aggression. Interestingly, some insurance policies exclude the payment of compensation from assurance positions if the dog was a fighting breed.

And the second type is non-aggressive incidents. In such mishap, as you could already understand from the name, the dog does not bear aggression when bitten. This is possible when the dog is poorly trained by its owners, in which case the dog can bite if it is very excited. Nevertheless, such bites may be quite enough to cause harm to another person, regardless of the breed of the bitten dog.

Dog Bite Attack Advocates

So, what actions need to be taken if you are bitten by a dog. The first step is to do everything so that you would be completely healthy and at the same time with this you will have everything from a legal point of view in order to successfully receive reimbursement for your pain and efforts.

First of all, visit a doctor to be examined and exclude all the adverse effects from a dog bite, which can be quite serious. You can also get a certificate from the doctor confirming your physical damage as a result of the bite.

The second step is to document the entire incident so that indemnification is successful in the end. You should comment on the following:

  • File a dog bite report
  • Photos of your traumas and the location of the incident,
  • Dog Owner Contact Information
  • Data of any witnesses to the attack
  • Medical costs
  • Lost salaries because of trauma

In fact, there is not a lot of documentation in such cases. So the more you have, the better.

And the last step will be consultation with a good specialist in law. A counsel for the duration of your case will become you a faithful assistant who, using his skills, experience – will bring the matter to a victorious end, as a result of which you will be paid indemnification for all the hauls and wanderings from the dog’s attack.

Dog bite victims compensation

Dog bite victims are generally entitled to compensation for their losses. Compensation losses may include: emotional trauma, loss of ability to work due to trauma, medical bills for treatment, physical occupational therapy, scarring, or loss of limb.

A trusted personal injury attorney will help you defend your rights and receive legal compensation. In addition, family members of a person killed by a dog may be eligible for damages on behalf of the deceased. Your attorney will file this claim with a court in the guise of a death case as a result of the negligence of others, and possibly give relatives the right to additional damage.

Insurance covere dog bites

Dog bites are often covered by homeowner insurance, but this is not always the case. Fortunately, the dog owner has insurance coverage due to the homeowner’s policy, but each case of injury is different. With extensive experience in these types of cases, your lawyer will do whatever is necessary to find a reason for your injury coverage.

Once an insurance company has been identified to cover your injuries, an attorney will begin negotiations to achieve a fair decision in your best interest. Working with an insurance company which does not take into account the interests of the victims can be unbearable and stressful for victims of a dog bite. Therefore, the support and professional assistance of an attorney will be the best solution.

If the insurance company fails to make a fair offer, your attorney will complete the negotiations and take your case to court. The court will present compelling reasons that clearly indicate that you are entitled to compensation for your injuries.

Personal injury reliable attorney

Your reliable attorney will not back down until you receive full compensation in your interests.

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