Defense Attorney Definition

Who is a criminal advocate?

A penalnal protector is primarily an advocate whose activities are specialized in protecting companies and humans who have been charged with felonious acts. Directly in the United States, penal attorneys conduct cases related to: criminal inquisitions and charges, arrest, appeals, and post-trial issues. It is not uncommon for a lawyer to specialize in a specific place of ​​criminal protection, such as drug protection.

Felonious advocates operate in the state, federal, or private law firms. They can also have their own practice and deal simultaneously with a large number of penal cases. The range of services of a penal advocate is very wide, and can begin from the first second of your arrest or even from the moment you begin to suspect that an inquisition is being conducted against you.

What is the role of a penal advocate?

One of the main requests for a penal protector is a clear knowledge of the US Constitution. A qualified advocate must understand each correction well and be able to use it while protecting his client. Thus, a large number of cases are won by lawyers, due to the finding of constitutional disturbances by the cabinet of ministers. It is the study of all the documentation, in order to determine constitutional breaches, that takes a gigantic amount of time.

In the case when the lawyer has not revealed constitutional disturbances, the main goal of the lawyer is to prepare for the court. During this period, the lawyer tries to come to a settlement, and can also discuss potential transactions with the prosecutor. Such an agreement may include a plea of ​​guilty to the accused, which in turn impressively mitigates the punishment for him, upon the plea agreement.

How much does a penal protector cost?

It is worth starting with the fact that if you cannot get a felonious lawyer, the court will appoint you an advocate, who is often called a public protector. However, it should be understood that the court after considering your financial condition may refuse to provide you with a free advocate, considering you are able to pay for it yourself.

In this case, you have two options to choose from: either hire an attorney yourself, or represent yourself in court without the help of a counsel, which is highly undesirable

As for the price of services of a protector in felonious cases, it can vary greatly, turning on many factors: the practice and skill of the advocate, the seriousness of the crime, the fact of transferring the case to court, the amount of time spent on the case, and so on.

Also, the involvement of experts in the business can affect the costs. For example, a lawyer may resort to hiring experts to gather evidence. Experts may require a fee of about $ 2,000, as well as a fee of $ 300 per hour.

Most often, an advocate takes a horary fee for his services. A fixed board is present when a minor violation is committed, for example, cases of speeding. In this case, the protector can set the price from 1000 to 3000 dollars to represent you in court.

To be safe, lawyers often include a paragraph in the agreement that allows them to raise a fixed remuneration during the course of a case. But you need to understand that in the case of a fixed remuneration, no one guarantees a favorable outcome for your case or a refund in case of loss.

The hourly payment is currently the most overall among penal protectors. Hourly fees are considered more reliable than fixed. Most reputable advocates charge an hourly remuneration for their services.

The horary fee will depend on the intricacy of your case, as well as the professional skills of the advocate. Be prepared to pay between 150 and 700 US dollars per hour for an advocate. It’s not uncommon when the final amount of money spent can reach more than 10,000 – 15,000 dollars.

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