How do I settle a car crash claim without an advocate

In most cases, it is highly discouraged to resort to conflict resolution without the help of a legal mediator. The most commonplace reason is that you simply do not have proper experience in legal matters, and often this experience does not exist at all. An advocate has years of training in order to become a specialist, and most importantly experience in solving such cases.

But still, in some cases, you can do without the services of a lawyer. These are the cases when your damage is not big and you will receive more indemnification without the services of a counsel than with them.

But such a decision must be made after weighing all the risks. If such a decision was made by you, you should take preliminary steps:

1. You should undergo a full course of post-wreck treatment, even if your health damage is small. If you miss your doctor’s appointments, the assurance company can take advantage of this to discount your detriment.

2. You need to check the statute of limitations. This is the time after the incident during which you can file a claim in court, after its expiration, filing a claim becomes impossible. Most often, its period is 2 years.

After these steps, proceed with filing a claim. When filing a lawsuit. you need to have:
1. Report on the wreck. You can get it from the city police office or from the sheriff’s office;
2. Get all of your medical records, bills, and receipts. This will prove the extent of your damage;
3. Collect all available information about the salary that you lost due to the accident;
4. Collect all photographs of detriment to your property, as well as photograph all existing traumas, even not serious;
5. Get a certificate of payment for health assurance.

After collecting these documents, you can file a claim in court. But first, you should send them to the assurance agency. If you have these documents, the case will be resolved without litigation and you will be paid indemnification in full.

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